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What Makes Kiln Dried Logs Environmentally Friendly?

Have you ever wondered what makes kiln dried logs environmentally friendly? Then read our latest blog to find out.

What Makes Kiln Dried Logs Environmentally Friendly?

Posted on - 13.06.23

You may have come across kiln dried logs before and you might have thought about what makes them different from other firewood? Well to put it simply, the answer is burning kiln dried logs is much more environmentally friendly than burning wet firewood or other firewood. In this article, we will explain in more detail what makes our premium kiln dried logs environmentally friendly and why you should consider switching to them if you haven’t already.

Why Are Logs Kiln Dried?

Logs are kiln dried to make them burn hotter and longer than wet firewood or other forms of firewood. The process of kiln drying involves cutting the pre-treated firewood into wedge pieces and placing these logs into a large kiln. Next, they are artificially dried at a temperature between 60°C and 80°C for a period of up to a week. This reduces the moisture content of the logs by up to 20%, releasing up to 3 times more heat. 

Releases Less Emissions and Smoke

A lower moisture content means less emissions and smoke are released when kiln dried logs are burned in a stove or log burner. This is because the high heat of the fire causes the kiln dried logs to burn more efficiently, releasing fewer particles into the environment. Not only is this better for the environment, but also better for health as it reduces the amount of harmful chemicals and particulate matter that can cause respiratory problems.

More Sustainable

When burning wet firewood, it uses more energy to dry the wood first before generating any heat. On the other hand, when burning kiln dried logs, it uses less energy because the logs are already dried and it starts to generate heat straight away. This means kiln dried logs are more sustainable than wet firewood. In addition, kiln dried logs are the secret to long-lasting fires. This means you use less logs to achieve the same heat as other firewood, saving you money on fuel while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Kiln Dried Logs In Staffordshire 

The bottom line is, kiln dried logs are a much cleaner and greener fuel than other fuels currently on the market. As a supplier of premium logs, the environmentally friendly benefit of kiln dried logs is one of the reasons why we chose to supply them to our customers. We offer bulk orders of hardwood logs, softwood logs and bags of kindling for heating homes across Staffordshire. If you are interested in learning about the other fantastic benefits of kiln dried logs, please feel free to read our previous article on the 5 benefits of kiln dried logs

At D Price & Sons, we are proud to be Woodsure Ready To Burn accredited, the UK’s only quality certification of responsible, trustworthy fuel producers and suppliers. This guarantees that our kiln dried logs are at the right moisture content and the right size for your stove or log burner, as well as being sourced from sustainably managed forests and woodlands.  For delivery information and enquiries on our kiln dried logs, please contact us.

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