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Premium, Smokeless Coal

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Heat Your Home With Premium Coal

Are you looking for Premium Coal to heat up your household? At D Price & Sons, you’ve found the right place.

Here at D Price & Sons, we know how important it is to fuel your home, especially during 

the winter with rising fuel costs. We prioritise what you need to keep your household as warm and cosy as it should be - that's why, alongside our selection of logs, we also stock premium coal. Invest in efficiency and heat your home for longer with this excellent coal, combined with our Kiln-Dried Logs.

Not only do we also offer Kiln-Dried Logs in various sizes and Softwood and Hardwood, but we also supply other related products such as:

What is Smokeless Coal?

Simply put, smokeless coal is a natural product that doesn’t emit smoke when it is burned. The idea behind smokeless coal is that it is less of a pollutant, as it doesn’t produce harmful CO2 gases.

During the industrial revolution, coal was used as one of the main fuels for manufacturing. The UK was burning so much of this fuel, London was coated in a thick fog. Because of the poor visibility, the government stepped in to bring in the Clean Air Act, which would help reduce emissions to a manageable level. However, the demand for coal was still so high that there wasn’t a way for the ruling to be sustainable. This is when smokeless coal was manufactured.

Why Choose Premium, Smokeless Coal?

The main difference between normal household coal and smokeless coal is the material it’s made from. Smokeless coal is made out of something called Anthracite. This material is hard, dense and compact. It produces a lot of carbon but has very few impurities. The Anthracite is combined with other binding agents, which is crushed into a fine powder. This mixture is compressed at very high temperatures and produces coal that emits 80% less smoke than normal household coal.

When you use smokeless coal, it will burn for much longer than traditional coal and wood. Smokeless coal also has the advantage of producing up to 30% higher temperatures than other coals, meaning it is one of the cleanest and most-efficient coals to use for your fire. If your aim is to heat your household while ensuring you’ve invested in the best value for money and fuel, our Premium, Smokeless Coal is certainly the way to go for long-lasting, strong heat.

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Free Delivery for Premium, Smokeless Coal

We offer free delivery for Premium, Smokeless Coal, available within a 10-mile radius of our location in Longton (including the areas of Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Leek and Stone).

Ordering our premium coal online is the easiest way to get coal right to your door. Please note that we currently require you to order logs with your purchase to ensure delivery. Take a look at our kindling to make building your fire easier.

Our products are available to buy online today, or if you’d like to speak to the team for more information, feel free to contact us.

You can find out more information about our team here, and our location, enquiry form, opening times, phone number and email address can all be found on our contact page. We aim to reply to all messages promptly.

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