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Kiln Dried Softwood Logs
SKU: Kiln Dried Softwood Logs

Kiln Dried Softwood Logs

SKU: Kiln Dried Softwood Logs
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Our collection of Kiln Dried Softwood logs make great fuel for heating your home, from wood burning or multifuel stoves to simple logs on the fire. Kiln dried logs are a great choice if you are looking for something ready to throw on the fire, without waiting for your logs to dry out. 

Our Kiln Dried logs contain upto 20% less moisture, allowing them to give out up to 3 times more heat. Moving to Kiln Dried Logs helps to save money not only on your fuel but also in the long run as burning wet logs can cause damage to your burners. 

For a quick start fire, combine our kindling with softwood logs, and you'll be roaring in no time. Add our Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs to keep the fire burning for longer.

Purchase our Kiln Dried Logs alongside our Premium Coal or Kindling today to qualify for free local delivery

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