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MOT Type 1

MOT Type 1

If you’re looking to build a road, pathway, driveway or even astroturf pitch, you won’t find a better sub-base than our MOT Type 1. With all of these surfaces needing to be smooth, stable and durable in high traffic, you need a reliable sub-base that can ensure this. Thanks to being made of a mix of granite and limestone, our MOT Type 1 has the strength to guarantee this. 

Here at D Price and Sons, we can supply MOT Type 1 from 40mm to dust from £25. As a part of our building aggregates range, our MOT Type 1 is available bagged or loose from 1 tonne up to 30 tonnes. You may also qualify for free delivery if you’re local enough to our base. More information on this can be found on our website’s specific delivery page

About MOT Type 1

MOT Type 1 is a popular material to be used in the construction of roads, paths, patios, shed bases and astroturf, just to name a few examples. A smooth and durable sub-base is vital in the construction of the above mentioned projects due to heavy traffic, unpredictable weather and a desire for a smooth finish. With the ability to suppress weeds too, it is a truly versatile and reliable choice for your sub-base. 

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