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5 Benefits Of Kiln Dried Logs

There are many benefits of Kiln Dried Logs, read on to learn about 5 benefits of this house coal and wet wood alternative.

5 Benefits Of Kiln Dried Logs

Posted on - 11.05.23

From the 1st May 2023, new regulations have put a complete ban on the sale of traditional house coal and wet wood products in England in efforts to improve air quality. This means for households who are still burning ‘now banned’ fuels in their homes, it’s time to find a better fuel alternative. 

There are many different types of coal and wet wood alternatives to choose from. From smokeless coals to Ready To Burn certified fuel products. To make the decision easier for you, we’ll be discussing our favourite house coal and wet wood alternative, that being kiln dried logs. In this article, we will discuss the fantastic benefits of these logs. Read on to find out why you should consider using them as your new source of heating fuel.

  1. Less Moisture Content

During the kiln-drying process, logs are dried in large kilns for at least 6 days until there is up to 20% less moisture present. Less moisture content means the heating output is increased by 3 times more than non-kiln dried firewood. As a result, you get hotter burning fires to heat the majority of your home.

  1. Convenient

In the UK, our climate is usually quite wet and using wet firewood is not efficient because it can cause damage to your fireplace or log burner. Switching to kiln dried firewood means you won’t need to not wait around in the cold for damp firewood to dry. Not only does drying your own firewood take a substantial amount of time but it also takes up space that some households can ill afford to lose. Kiln dried logs are ready to use the second it arrives at your home. Fireplaces, log burners and stoves vary in size and these logs are also pre-cut to ensure each log fits perfectly inside the firebox. This eliminates the exhausting task of cutting wood yourself. 

  1. Long-Lasting Fires

Who doesn’t enjoy a long burning fire? Thanks to its efficiency, these logs are easy to burn and made to create long-lasting fires. As you absorb the heat from a hotter and longer fire, you can also enjoy the advantage of not having to top up your fire as much which can only mean more time relaxing by the fire!

  1. Environmentally Friendly

As kiln dried logs are a certified Ready To Burn fuel, it guarantees a low release of harmful emissions and smoke, making it a cleaner and greener fuel. When burning wet wood, it uses more energy (calorific value) to dry the wood first before generating any heat. When burning kiln dried firewood, it consumes less energy as the firewood is already dried. In addition, these logs provide long lasting fires and this helps reduce the amount of firewood top ups, saving tonnes of trees in the long-term.

  1. Better For Your Chimney

Not only are these logs environmentally friendly and long-lasting but they can also benefit your chimney. As we have already mentioned, any remaining sap and water is removed during the kiln-drying process. When these logs are burnt, they produce less creosote or soot. With proper maintenance, there are less chances of tar build up in the linings of your chimney.

Kiln Dried Logs At D Price & Sons

At D Price & Sons, we supply a range of Ready To Burn certified kiln dried firewood including hardwood logs, softwood logs and kindling. For your convenience, they come pre-cut in bulk bags for easy storage. Our 3Kg bags of kiln dried kindling are the secret to starting a roaring fire. Pair with our softwood logs to build up the fire and top up with hardwood logs to keep it lighting throughout the day or evening.

At D Price & Sons, we’re proud to be Woodsure Ready To Burn accredited, the UK’s only quality certification of responsible and trustworthy fuel suppliers. Our range of premium kiln dried logs and kindling are available for free delivery around Stone, Leek, Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-Under-Lyme. For further information on our range, please contact us.

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