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D Price & Sons are the leading HIAB hire vehicles company for clients right across Staffordshire and the surrounding areas.

HIAB refers to a lorry mounted crane or lorry loader with these vehicles made up of a truck and crane combined in one vehicle to assist with loading and unloading trucks by using the vehicle engine to power the hydraulics of the crane. 

The term HIAB stands for Hydrauliska Industri AB, a Finnish manufacturer that developed a way to use hydraulics as the main mechanism in loader cranes.

These vehicles are able to deliver goods to the site plus lift them on and off the truck, which often reduces the need for a separate mobile crane. They can also be used for moving goods within a space, such as moving containers, generators or other items within a building site. 

Developed in the 1940s, they revolutionised the haulage industry with loading being completed by hand beforehand. 

What HIAB vehicle do I need? 

The type of HIAB you require ultimately depends on the weight of your load, the distance it needs to be lifted plus the sort of access available on site. 

 As your haulage company, D Price & Sons will allocate the most relevant type of vehicle, which could be either a rigid or artic HIAB.

All HIAB hire vehicles from D Price & Sons are fitted with a Remote Control to facilitate optimum loading views for our operators to make sure the lifting operation is safe. 

Safety always comes first with our operations, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on the task at hand. 

Our HIAB hire vehicles are guaranteed to ensure your project is simpler, maximising efficiency and in turn, your productivity too. 

D Price & Sons are the HIAB hire company you can always depend on to deliver a high-quality service. As specialists in the haulage industry, we have the necessary experience to handle and move awkward and delicate items plus we can identify any potential problems and find the safest solutions.

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