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What is Pea Gravel?

From its origins to what makes it such a great decorative aggregate, discover all there is to know about pea gravel in D Price and Sons' latest guide.

What is Pea Gravel?

Posted on - 13.04.21

Here at D Price and Sons, as well as supplying logs in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire we also have a range of decorative gravels available. One of the most popular of these is our pea gravel. Pea gravel is one of the most versatile aggregates in that it can be used for anything from aquariums to driveways. In order to explore this material in more depth, we’ve put the following guide together. 

Where Does Pea Gravel Come From? 

Pea gravel is mostly harvested near water or from water beds and is the result of natural weathering. This is what gives it its smoothed and rounded appearance. Its shape, size and colour depending on the environment that it's been exposed to. For example, the colour of pea gravel can change according to the minerals surrounding it.

It’s shape and size will also be determined by the level of weathering that it was exposed to. The name itself comes from the fact that the individual rocks are usually no larger than the size of a pea.

What Can Pea Gravel Be Used For? 

Thanks to its versatility, pea gravel has proven popular amongst DIY enthusiasts and tradesmen alike. Thanks to its aesthetic properties, many people like to use it for landscaping their homes. Popular examples of this include new driveways and garden surfaces. Especially if there is a pond in your garden, pea gravel can make it look more natural.

As well as making your new driveway pop, people can often find that gravel offers a better alternative surface to mud that may have been there before. Not only that, but by having a gravel entrance, people often find the sound that it makes quite therapeutic.  

What are the Benefits of Using it? 

In addition to its aesthetic qualities, pea gravel also comes with a variety of other helpful benefits. For example, as far as decorative aggregates go, it is affordable and easy to install. Not only that, but it can also suppress weeds from growing, retain moisture and you don’t have to worry about it decomposing. It can also be used around the base of a home to keep rodents out as they cannot dig into pea gravel. 

Thanks to its ability to retain moisture, it is also a great tool to use to improve the drainage of your garden or your driveway. You won’t have to worry about maintenance either as a simple rake every now and again should get them back to looking their best. 

What are the Disadvantages? 

In truth, there really aren’t that many. One of the main things to consider, especially when laying the material is that it will shift both underfoot and due to the environment. Therefore, you should employ an edging material to prevent this. If you did decide to opt for another material in the future, it can be difficult to remove it from the soil. 

Although it doesn’t decompose, it can also sink into the soil as time goes on. Therefore, you will probably need to replenish it every four years to ensure that it stays looking its best. 

Pea Gravel in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire

Here at D Price and Sons, we have been supplying Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire with premium logs, decorative and builders gravel for over 25 years, Our pea gravel is suitable for both traditional and contemporary landscapes and comes at a very affordable price. If you’re ready to make a purchase, you can do so online. Alternatively, if you have any questions please contact us. Our team of friendly and experienced staff are well equipped to assist you with any queries that you may have. 

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