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Four Ways to Transform Your Property with Decorative Gravel

Wondering what decorative aggregates are or how to use them? Look no further as D Price and Sons guide explains four ways to transform your property.

Four Ways Decorative Gravel can Transform Your Property

Posted on - 15.02.21

In addition to our fuel supplies, we also sell a wide variety of decorative gravel across Staffordshire and Cheshire. Our range includes anything from play grade bark to different coloured gravels, meaning that we can cater for a wide variety of projects. In our latest blog, we wanted to explore four different ways that D Price and Sons decorative gravel can help you. 

Decorate Your Driveway

One of the most popular ways that our decorative gravels are used is in people’s driveways. Whether you’re looking for a colourful border or a striking new design, our coloured gravel, stone and slate can all improve the aesthetic instantaneously. Not only do they have the potential to add colour, but they also hold a variety of benefits over other driveway surfaces. 

To see the full benefits explained in more detail, you can read our ‘benefits of a gravel driveway blog’. However, to touch on just a few, using gravel, slate and other decorative aggregates is much more cost-effective and easier to install than other options. Not only that, but by only needing to be swept every now and then to maintain coverage, they’re also extremely easy to maintain. 

Border Your Garden

Sometimes, your garden might be lacking that little bit of definition needed to make it pop and stand out from the rest. If that’s the case, decorative gravel could be the answer. With the ability to add colour and blend into most surroundings, it can be the perfect finishing touch to your garden. 

With plenty of options available, there is also something to suit every aesthetic and taste. If you’re looking to brighten it up with a bit of colour, our green or red granite may be of interest. However, for a more subtle touch of colour, our golden gravel, pea gravel or cotswold stone could be the perfect fit. If you’re looking to maintain the natural, rustic aesthetic of your garden, then you may instead wish to opt for some of our play grade bark. 

Add Protection to Your Playground

If you have a garden area where the kids are often out playing, you might find yourself trying to protect them from the odd bump and bruise. For cases like these, we recommend considering putting down some of our play grade bark underneath any play equipment.

The full benefits of our play grade bark can be seen in our guide dedicated to it. However, in short, this bark has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that those using it are protected from serious impact injuries. Whilst there are alternatives available, we believe that this is the best option. Not only is that because it's softer to the touch than other materials, but it’s also sustainable sourced and incredibly easy to install and maintain.

Front Garden Detailing

Some people may have front garden space but choose not to plant in it. In those cases, we often see water features surrounded by a decorative aggregate, transforming the front of a property into a striking work of art. This is all possible thanks to the versatility and ease of installation of our surfaces. 

For a modern transformation, our plum slate keeps the design looking clean and bold. Alternatively, a more personalised touch can be achieved with our coloured granite. 

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