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What is Play Grade Bark?

Looking for the perfect playground surface? Find out more about how D Price and Sons play grade bark can keep outdoor fun safe.

What is Play Grade Bark and What is it Used For?

Posted on - 09.02.21

Here at D Price and Sons, we sell a variety of different decorative gravels that can be used to surface a vast selection of places. One of our most popular aggregates is our play-grade bark. You may be familiar with this product as it appears in most outdoor play parks across the country. However, what makes it so special? In our latest blog, we’ll explain.

How is Play Grade Bark Made?

Unlike its tougher counterpart, play chip, play bark is made using the soft outer layers of trees. This bark is stripped, harvested, and then treated before being made available to buy. Thanks to being made from the softer shell of a tree, it’s naturally a much softer material. As a result, this makes it perfect for those playgrounds that are set to receive fairly heavy footfall.

What Makes The Bark Play Grade?

In order to class the bark as play grade, it has to undergo a number of rigorous tests and be treated. This is to ensure that it complies with the Industry Standards for Safety Surfacing. In order to be classed as play grade, the bark must meet two industry standards. These are as follows:

  • BS7188 & ISEN1177 - Impact Absorbing Playground Surfacing Test
  • BS 4790 (Ignition Resistance)

In order to meet each of the regulations, the play-grade bark is subject to a variety of rigorous testing. This gives buyers the peace of mind that users are being provided with the utmost safety measures possible.

Why Choose Play Grade Bark?

Whilst there are alternatives on the market, we believe that play-grade bark is the best option for playgrounds. Not only is it softer to the touch than most other materials, but it hosts a wide variety of more benefits. Unlike synthetic surfaces, play-grade bark is sustainably sourced, meaning that it's a much more environmentally friendly option. Not only that, but it is also much easier to install than the synthetic alternatives. You can also lay play-grade bark knowing that it needs little maintenance to sustain its condition. Other than raking it every now and again, to maintain even distribution, it should only need replacing after 2-3 years.

What Else Can Play Grade Bark Be Used For?

As a part of our decorative range, D Price and Sons’ play-grade bark can be used for a multitude of purposes, not just for playgrounds. Due to the safety measures that it adds for little adventurers, play-grade bark can be a perfect addition to a family garden. Place it under a swing set or around a slide and feel at ease knowing that your little ones can play safely. Aside from being good for playing, our play-grade bark can also be used decoratively. Some people like to incorporate the bark into their driveways or line borders in their gardens with it. Due to being sustainably sourced, it will fit in seamlessly with the nature around it, whilst bringing definition to your flower beds or front driveway.

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