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Where Does The Waste I Put In The Skip Go?

Environmentally savvy individuals are asking more often, where does my waste go? Find out more here:

Where Does The Waste I Put In The Skip Go?

Posted on - 01.12.20

In recent years we as a nation have started to pay more attention to recycling. So it comes as no surprise when we are asked what happens to our waste if we put it into a skip?

So if you are one of the many that are curious, we have gathered together the below information, helping you to understand what happens next. 

Your Wastes First Stop

As waste is put into skips is very mixed and can contain a high variation of materials, its first destination is a special facility for sorting. 

This facility will ensure that the waste is divided into the appropriate streams before being sent to its next destination. 

Individual Materials 

Much of the waste from our homes and businesses can be divided down into a small number of subcategories. Some of these end up in the skip, or at landfill, where there are many other places that they should go. 

Glass – As one of the most recycled materials we should all be aware that this can go into our local recycling, where your local authorities can ensure it is recycled appropriately. When your glass arrives at its facility, it will be ground and crushed, combined with raw materials, then superheated to create its next life. 

Recycled glass can now be found in products we encounter in our everyday lives, from creating new drinks bottles to recycled glass countertops. So if you're looking at a new glass purchase, check the status of your glass!

Metal – We commonly see metals recycled, as like glass, it is both easily and widely recycled. The two mainly recycled metals are aluminium and steel, although both iron and copper are also common. 

Commonly found in our home in the form of drinks cans aluminum is widely recycled across the uk, and should find its way into your local recycling. When disposed of correctly these recycled cans can find their next life in either the aerospace and motoring industries.

While steel is equally as common, it is often used for more heavy duty purposes, both in its first life, and after it has been recycled. Its next destination could include train tracks, or it might find its way back into your lives in the form of a bicycle frame.

Garden Waste

We often see a large amount of garden waste being thrown into skips. While this type of waste will compost wherever it ends up, it's best that it goes to the most appropriate where it can be used in a number of ways, including that compost that will eventually end up back in your garden. 

Where your compostable waste is mixed into other in-organic waste, it will be separated and checked to ensure that there is no contamination before being moved to a compost site. 

Disposing Waste Responsibly

As an individual or a business, you are responsible for your own waste, this includes after it has left your premises. A number of fly tipping incidents are when an individual or a business has paid someone to remove waste for them, which has then been tipped. This will still leave you liable and could land you with a hefty fine or prosecution.  If you are ever unsure as to the credibility of a service, either ensure you complete adequate checks, or use another service. 

We ensure that 95% of your waste is recycled, and where it can be recycled our fully licensed waste specialists will ensure that it is disposed of properly. 

For more information on what happens to your waste, or to book a skip through us, please get in touch today. Alternatively, you can visit our sister site for more information on a variety of skips: DP Skip Hire. 

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