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Warm up your home this winter

Winter is here, so why not get your fire roaring with our selection of logs and coal, available for delivery and collection today!

Warm up your home this winter

Posted on - 24.11.20

Winter has truly set in here in Staffordshire. We have already seen our fair share of frosty mornings, wet evenings, and the odd localised white flurry. So when is a better time to think about lighting that fire and snuggling up with a nice hot drink, or a brandy, we won't judge! Remove those damp or cold layers from outside, get the fire lit and take some 'me' time. 

Roaring real fires

For many years a real fire was a thing of the past, with many people bricking up old fireplaces and replacing them with electric fires or even just sticking to the central heating. Well, we're glad to say that real fires, or log burners have made a huge comeback. Nothing beats throwing a few logs on the fire and sitting back to watch the flames dancing as they take hold. 

Firing up your log burner

Whether you have had a log burner for years, or whether you are new to this wonderful method of heating your home, you might have ideas on how best to get your fire going, and then to keep it going. Everyone finds their own way that suits them and their fireplace. But if you find yourself struggling, give these guidelines a try and then tweak to suit you! 

  • If your burner has vents, make sure these are open to start with as a fire will start easier with more oxygen.
  • If you have a multi-fuel burner (or an open fireplace) set out a layer of coal in the base, this will pump out heat for long after your logs have burnt away.
  • Use a knotted newspaper to start a fire, if you don’t have firestarters, is much more effective than sheets of paper.
  • Use kindling to form a pyramid in the centre of your fire (on top of coals if you are using them)
  • Once your kindling is completely alight and burning well you can begin to add two or three larger, preferably kiln-dried, logs to your fire. Take care not to smother your fire.
  • After adding your logs, ensure to keep an eye on them to make sure they catch well. If you have a door on your log burner you can close this now.
  • Once your fire is on its way you can start adjusting your vents to suit, they may require opening again when you add fresh logs.
  • Please ensure that no children are left unaccompanied with an open fire, or where they can burn themselves on a burner.

Kiln Dried Logs And Coal

At D Price & Sons we pride ourselves in only supplying the highest quality logs and coal to our customers. Ready for delivery we have a selection of both hardwoods and softwoods, along with our premium coal and kiln-dried kindling. We offer local free delivery, please see our delivery page for terms and conditions. 

If you require additional information on any of our products or our delivery service, please contact us today and a member of the team will be happy to assist you. 

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