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What To Use Top Soil For?

Unsure whether you need topsoil in your garden? Read D Price & Sons' latest blog to find out more about topsoil and it's uses.

What To Use Top Soil For?

Posted on - 27.01.21

Here at D Price and Sons, we offer a wide selection of building aggregates in addition to our decorative gravel. A particularly popular choice amongst keen gardeners is our top soil. If you’re looking for the perfect soil to house your plants in, look no further. Packed full of nutrients and available to be delivered to your door, we’re going to explain how our top soil can help you. 

What is Top Soil?

As the name suggests, top soil is the top layer of the earth’s surface. Formed over (sometimes) up to 100 years, it is made as rocks break down into very small parts due to chemicals or weathering. However, what makes it so special is the next part. 

As this is all happening, other organic matters take place on the surface. Examples include vegetation, leaves and animals that have passed away. When these break down and mix into the top soil, it packs it full of organic nutrients and minerals that are perfect for supporting life.

What Can Top Soil Be Used For?

Thanks to its properties, gardeners have found many uses for topsoil in our gardens. Now that we fully understand what makes it so special, we can now start to consider these uses and figure out whether top soil is perfect for your project. 

Bulking Out The Soil

Our one tonne (approx) bags don't cost the earth (get it?), so they are a great and popular choice when it comes to bulking out your current soil or land. There are a variety of ways that you may be intended on doing this. In order to help, we’ve broken them down into three helpful categories: 

Bulk out your borders 

Shallow borders often make it difficult for some plants and shrubs to grow as their roots have nowhere to dig down. Increasing the depth and density of your borders with a healthy dose of topsoil can promote this growth.

Raised flower beds 

Whilst many plants thrive better in compost, you don’t have to solely use it. You can fill the raised beds predominantly with top soil, and then just add a helping hand of compost. This way, you can have a cost-effective bulking agent. 

Level that lawn 

The bane of every avid gardener is an uneven lawn. Here at D Price and Sons, we understand that and our top soil can help. Whether you tear up your current lawn to start afresh, or you carefully roll up your turf to be re-laid, simply add layers of topsoil until your garden is level. You can then use a lawn roller to compact your soil and either relay your turf or sow your grass seeds for a nice, healthy and level lawn.

Filling your pots

Topsoil doesn’t have to be restricted to the garden beds. Its nutrient-rich nature allows it to be perfect for promoting growth in your pots too. The potting mixture can often be quite expensive and if used correctly, top soil can be an effective, cost-effective alternative. 

The only thing to note is that in order to not cause any harm to your plants, it must first be sterilised. Adding ingredients such as sand and peat moss can also help to lighten the soil. This will then allow for better drainage and increased airflow. 

Indoor herbs

There are a number of herbs that thrive in top soil, such as basil and dill. Using a touch of excess topsoil in their indoor tray can work wonders. The nutrients will mean that you’ll be adding a sprinkle of your own herbs into your cooking in no time. 

Vegetable gardens

When starting a vegetable garden, you might find that the ground you have just isn't sufficient for growing. The easiest starting point is to either dig this out and replace it entirely or to mix it in with a good helping of nutrient-rich top soil.

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