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The Importance of Good Quality Firewood

Do you want to know the secret to blazing and lasting fires?

The Importance of Good Quality Firewood

Posted on - 20.02.24

Do you want to know the secret to blazing and lasting fires? While a well-kept fireplace or stove, a clean chimney and the use of kindling is essential, the quality of your firewood is the key. Avoid using firewood that is green or wet and heavy because it will be difficult to burn and produce more smoke. Look out for signs of good quality firewood including a low moisture content, light to hold, well-cut shape, uniform length and light brown to grey in colour. Continue reading as we explain the importance of good quality firewood.

Long-Lasting Heat

If you want long-lasting heat from your fireplace or stove, using good quality firewood is the way to go. It comes in the perfect length for placing inside heating applications, meaning you won’t have to cut the firewood into small pieces yourself. It also catches fire easier and burns more efficiently and for longer than wet wood, so you take less trips to top up your fire and more time sitting by it.

Better For Your Health

Since the restrictions of burning wet wood in 2021, British households have switched to burning dried firewood. Thanks to its lower moisture content, dried firewood burns cleaner because less water needs to be evaporated. It also improves air quality in the home because less smoke and pollutants are produced. Burning wet wood is a major source of the pollutant PM2.5 - tiny particles of matter which can enter the bloodstream and cause serious health problems such as health and lung diseases.


Using good quality firewood is also cost-effective due to its longevity and efficiency, you may find you will need to burn less firewood, leading to reduced heating costs in the long run. Good quality firewood also produces less creosote buildup in your chimney, reducing the chances of a chimney fire and other issues as well as eliminating the additional costs of repair or replacement besides a regular chimney sweep. 

Order Premium Kiln-Dried Logs From D Price & Sons

In the midst of a cost of living crisis, it may seem like the best option is the cheapest firewood available to you. However, choosing cheaper firewood doesn’t guarantee good quality. So, next time you’re purchasing firewood, choose from a genuine seller, inspect the firewood to make sure it’s good quality, and most importantly, ensure it has a low moisture content. 

At D Price & Sons, our firewood logs are not just good quality, but more like premium quality. Containing 20% less moisture than traditional firewood, our kiln-dried hardwood logs release up to 3 times more heat in your home. Make your order with us today, we offer free local delivery on orders over £150.  

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