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What Is The Difference Between Shotblasting and Sandblasting?

For many, the differences between shotblasting and sandblasting can seem rather confusing and even complicated. But let's detail the differences.

What Is The Difference Between Shotblasting and Sandblasting?

Posted on - 27.10.22

Sandblasting and shotblasting are two great options for creating a smooth, aesthetically pleasing surface. However, one of these options is far superior to the other. In this article from D Price and Sons, we’ll be going over sandblasting and shotblasting, as well as giving you an idea of why shotblasting is superior to sandblasting. 

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What is Sandblasting?

Making use of an air compressor and a sandblasting machine, sandblasting is a surface-finishing process. Abrasive particles – most often sand – are sprayed against a surface at high pressure – hence its name. This process leaves a smooth and even-textured surface, roughly comparable to many levels of filing. 

This process is also sometimes known as abrasive blasting, due to the abrasive properties of the sand. 

The Sandblasting Process 

Sandblasting is a relatively simple process. Fine, dry sand is poured into a sandblasting machine, which is  connected to a standard air compressor. Next, the air compressor is set to around 50 to 130 PSI before it is switched on. Holding the sandblaster at a 1 to 45-degree angle, the compressor is then run over the surface, smoothing it and removing imperfections. 

There are many applications of this process, including smoothing concrete and removing old or excess paint. 

What is Shotblasting?

However, while sandblasting is very effective at smoothing surfaces and removing imperfections, it is not the only solution available. Another common technique for removing imperfections and smoothing out is called shotblasting

Similar to sandblasting, shotblasting is where small metal balls or beads are used instead of sand. Shot, of course, is an old term for ball bearings and other metal pieces – it’s the origin of the term ‘shotgun.’ Typically, these ball bearings are made out of stainless steel, copper, aluminium, or zinc. 

This process is far superior to sandblasting. Not only does the user have much more control as to the level of smoothness, but they also have many more options as to which material to use. This makes it ideal for people looking for precision and control. 

Shotblasting in Stoke-On-Trent

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