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Summer Sun, Summer Log Fires

Why not stock up your logs, and get yourself the right log burner! Here are a few of our top tips to make the most out of your summer fire.

Summer Sun, Summer Log Fires

Posted on - 08.04.22

During summer, we spend more and more of our time in the great outdoors. With the majority of this being in our own backyard. And even though the evening air is still warm, sometimes we start to feel a bit of a chill. Other times we just like to enjoy the glow of a dancing fire as we sit outside in our garden. Why not stock up your logs, and get yourself the right log burner! Here are a few of our top tips to make the most out of your summer fire. 

Find The Right Burner

There are a vast variety of outdoor log burners on the market. Firstly you have to make sure that you have the best one to suit your needs, your space and the logs you want to burn. 

Increasing in popularity are sunken firepits. This means scooping out some ground and creating a firepit there. The benefits to these are that it reduces the heat lost through the base and they are easy to extinguish. However, it means that they cannot be easily moved, and clearing out the ashes is slightly more difficult. 

A chiminea is the next most popular. These are readily available in clay and metal with countless designs available to suit your taste and garden. These are great particularly on smaller patios as they take up minimal space, but produce great heat. You can also get them with a grill to cook up your favourite BBQ foods. 

The easiest fire pit for many people is a standard metal moveable pit. Again these are widely available in a variety of shapes and sizes and also designs to suit your style. Being able to move these when not in use is a great factor for many people, and allows them to be stored during bad weather. 

The Right Logs

As we say when it comes to log burners in the winter, you want to ensure that the logs you are burning are the best ones for the job at hand. 

Hardwood kiln dried logs from Staffordshire are the best logs that we can recommend. These logs have been dried to ensure the moisture content is minimal, which will help the reduction of smoke released when they are burnt. There is nothing worse than wet logs being thrown on a fire pit in the middle of a group of people, and a slight wind filling everyone with clouds of harmful smoke. The kiln drying process allows the wood to burn cleaner while using hardwood means that the wood burns for longer. 

Lighting Your Fire

Before lighting your fire, if your logs and/or coals sit on the back of your burner, why not consider adding sand to the base of the pit. This will act as protection against the heat and improve its power in other directions. 

If you are using a combination of coal and logs, layer your coal on the base, with a couple of firelighters amongst them, before piling your hardwood logs on top. Make sure that you can access your firelighters amongst the coal, and start lighting from the centre. 

If you are just using logs, make sure that you include kindling to help your logs catch alight. Hardwood logs, although kiln-dried, are more difficult to catch alight, the kindling is made of a softer wood which will help the logs to light. 

For more information on kiln dried logs for sale in Stoke on Trent, please contact the team here at DPrice & Sons today who will be happy to discuss this with you. We also offer coal and kindling to help get you started. 

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