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Refreshing Your Garden With Decorative Gravel

With 2023 now upon us, you may be contemplating ways to refresh your garden. One of the most effective ways to refresh your garden is through the use of decorative gravel.

Refreshing Your Garden With Decorative Gravel

Posted on - 04.01.23

The arrival of a new year brings a fresh start and exciting opportunities. However, January is still in the depths of winter. Have you ever experienced a case of the winter blues? Well so can your garden! You may notice your garden looking dull or less colourful. In this case, you might want to consider doing something about it. Now is the perfect opportunity to freshen your garden this new year. One simple way to transform a lifeless garden is to lay down a fresh layer of decorative gravel.

The Use of Decorative Gravel

Decorative gravel is essentially crushed stone into loose chippings. From Cotswold stone and red granite to plum slate and pea gravel. At D Price & Sons, we offer a wide range of decorative aggregates for your garden. In recent years, the use of decorative gravel in gardens has made a comeback, this is largely due to its previous level of popularity. One of the main advantages of decorative gravel is you can place them just about anywhere! There are many uses for decorative gravel in your garden including:

  1. Create A Path or Border

Guide the way around your garden with a Cotswold stone path. This popular type of decorative gravel is commonly seen in gardens across the UK. It has a natural creamy colour making it stand out and appealing to the eye.

  1. Decorate Flower Beds and Pots

Flowers are generally planted in dirt and soil. However, this doesn't look particularly attractive. Your flowers should be surrounded by something that will make their colour stand out. The presence of our plum slates will add a natural purple hue background to your flower beds and pots. In fact, it goes very well with any plant colour, especially green.

  1. Improve Drainage

Unfortunately, we’re prone to heavy rain during the winter in the UK. As a result, we can experience flooded patches in our gardens. Luckily, gravel has a natural draining ability. Laying down a layer of fresh gravel will allow water to pass through more easily into the ground, unlike grass on its own. Making it the perfect solution to stop puddles of unwanted water forming in your garden.

  1. Revamp Your Driveway

Installing a brand new driveway can be quite expensive. A DIY driveway using gravel is a cheaper yet effective alternative. The majority of our decorative aggregates are suitable for any driveway and they’re available in a range of different colours and styles to add colour to your front entrance.

  1. Weed Control

There is nothing more unpleasant than spotting weeds in your garden or driveway. Once the weeds have been removed with weed killer, a fresh layer of gravel or slates will create a barrier to block out sunshine and help slow down the growth of future weeds.

Decorative Gravel In Staffordshire and Cheshire

At D Price & Sons, we've been an established family business for 25 years. Whether you want a new gravel driveway or require just a gravel top up to fill in the gaps. Our range of decorative aggregates are available in 0.85 cubic metre bags or loose to suit your project. We offer speedy same day or next-day delivery across Staffordshire and Cheshire. 

For further information on our products, please contact us today on 01782 551111 or email us on and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help you.

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