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New Year, New Project

Treat your garden or driveway to a new lease of life this New Year!

New Year, New Project

Posted on - 14.12.20

We always hear the 'New Year New Me' declaration when it comes to New Year's resolutions. So this year, why not mix it up and say New Year New Project! Give your garden or your driveway a new lease of life!

Garden projects

Over the winter we look out over our garden and start to think about how tired it looks. Trees are bare, borders are looking a little brown, and the lawns a bit patchy. Let's get your new garden planned out ready for spring!

There are a number of ways to make your garden look that little bit more appealing regardless of the time of year. One of these methods is to introduce decorative aggregates to your garden. Add a splash of colour to your borders by introducing a top layer of coloured gravel, from green granite to plum slate, it'll make your flowers stand out when you get planting for spring! Not to mention it makes collecting fallen leaves and flower heads easier. 

Line your pathways with the classic Cotswold stone, or even make yourself a new pathway entirely of stone, giving your garden a whole new look with renewed access throughout. Don't worry about purchasing too much of your decorative aggregates as they look great in the top of your pots too. 

If your garden is used by kids, you'll find that you might have some garden toys, from slides to climbing frames and trampolines. We often find that if these are on our grass, the grass starts to wear thin, and you run the risk of muddy patches. Why not give the kids a safe landing without the mud. Our play-grade bark makes a great addition to any children's areas within the garden. And if you find that you no longer need it as the kids grow up, it looks great in your borders, and can also help to reduce weed growth. 

Driveway projects

Over the years we have seen an increase in the number of cars that anyone household has. This sees us parking on the side of the road, on grass verges or even on our own front lawn, leaving us with great muddy patches in winter.  So why not look at treating yourself to a DIY driveway! 

Something as simple as digging up your lawn, popping down some weed-resistant fabric, and coating it in layers of aggregates such as limestone and Cotswold stone can massively expand your household parking. 

Our selection of decorative aggregates would all make a great DIY driveway, so why not pick your favourite shades. All your neighbours will be asking who did your new driveway! 

If you need help with the digging check out our selection of diggers for hire. It'll make your DIY driveway even easier than you thought! 

Get in touch with any questions

Here at D Price & Sons, our selection of decorative aggregates is available for delivery to suit you. For more information on ordering or delivery, you can contact a member of our team today who will be happy to answer any questions. 

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