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Long reaching solutions with HIAB hire trucks

HIAB hire trucks from D Price and Sons have been lifting and transporting loads for customers across Stoke on Trent and the surrounding areas for a number of years.

Long reaching solutions with HIAB hire trucks

Posted on - 16.08.21

HIAB hire trucks from D Price and Sons have been lifting and transporting loads for customers across Stoke on Trent and the surrounding areas for a number of years.

When you employ our trucks to move a load, you can rely on us to complete the task efficiently, safely and legally. You may not be aware, but there is more legislation for governing how loads should be lifted, moved and transported safely in the UK. 

We are committed to adhering to industry standards and regulations to make sure your load is lifted and moved safely, with worrying about compromising your insurance cover. 

Two options for loading and lifting with HIAB hire trucks

There are generally two options for lifting and moving loads -

You can plan and organise the lift and transport yourself, then hire operators to carry out the plan for you. As the leading HIAB crane hire operators in the local area, our lorries can lift and transport loads.

Alternatively, you can ask D Price and Sons to plan, organise and carry out all the work for you. 

Our HIAB crane lorries are available for hire by individuals and organisations with sufficient knowledge, experience, and training in performing lifting operations safely. 

If you don't have this expertise, or just don't want the hassle you can't go wrong with our HIAB hire service. 

D Price and Sons' HIAB crane lorries are highly maneuverable, which makes them ideal for collecting from and delivering to locations with restricted access or difficult terrain plus even inside buildings.

HIAB cranes are ideal for lifting heavy loads to significant heights and over long distances plus positioning and holding heavy items for installation such as timber, steel, and concrete joists during construction.  

Heavy lifting solutions

Our HIAB fleet includes heavy lifting cranes that are versatile, with fully road-safe telescopic cranes ideal for heavy lifting jobs such as lifting and positioning structural steelwork on-site. 

Long reach lifting 

Our long-reach HIAB cranes are ideal for projects needing a reach over long distances. Unlike mobile cranes, they can complete these tasks when there is no access from above. 

High lifting

The high lifting capacity of HIAB crane lorries is equally impressive. Working from the narrowest of streets or most awkward locations they are able to deliver to the site.

Developers, builders, and construction firms frequently use our HIAB lorries to deliver and lift air conditioning systems onto higher floors and rooftops of construction projects. Suppliers, installers and private individuals will often use HIAB services to lift and deliver hot tubs over residential houses into back gardens.

Occasionally, HIABs can assist with tree felling in densely populated areas, lowering safely and in a controlled manner large sections of tall trees to the ground when cut, and then taking away on the back of the lorry for processing. 

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