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Innovative uses of mini digger hire

If you are a more experienced landscaper you will need to hire some equipment, including a mini digger from D Price & Sons.

Innovative uses of mini digger hire

Posted on - 06.08.21

Whether you just purchased a new property, or you have decided to spruce up your current home, or perhaps you are considering selling - renovating your garden is always a great idea.

A beautiful garden can be shared with your family and friends and can improve your health and quality of life. No matter the size of your garden, having a space you can enjoy during the summer makes loads of difference. 

According to industry statistics from Post Office Money, a landscaped garden can increase your home's value by up to 77%. 

If you are a more experienced landscaper you will need to hire some equipment, including a mini digger from D Price & Sons

Choosing the correct equipment hire

The mini digger is a compact excavator that is perfectly suited to projects that need tighter manoeuvering in smaller spaces; which is the reason why they are so popular amongst seasoned DIY people. 

This type of machinery can access areas others simply cannot, meaning they are perfect for landscaping projects, even in smaller gardens. 

Manually digging up turf takes a lot of time and effort, whereas a mini digger is a perfect solution with a commercial excavator usually reserved for larger projects. 

Why projects can I use mini diggers for?

Mini diggers can be adapted to a number of different jobs. Tracks are better suited when faced with difficult terrain and wheels are better on smoother surfaces. 

Here are some jobs you can use mini diggers for -

  • Breaking down small constructions
  • Digging holes and trenches
  • Excavating ponds
  • Leveling out landscapes
  • Removing tree stumps
  • Repairing sewage lines
  • Installing swimming pools or hot tubs
  • Ploughing snow in preparation for other work 

From start to finish a mini digger is able to take on most jobs without taking up too much room. 

What's the scale of your project?

Understanding the scale of your projects allows you to judge what equipment and machinery is suitable. For larger projects requiring heavy lifting, it is better to hire a larger excavator. 

If the project is smaller, then mini digger hire might be just the right fit. 

If you are excavating a hole for a new pond and don't want to dig it up manually, hiring a mini digger for a single day will get the job done. 

Also, large digging and landscaping projects can be easily completed with a mini digger. 

Are there any restrictions I should be aware of?

Before you start your project, you will need to check with your local authority regarding planning permission rules and regulations to make sure you are legally allowed to carry out the work. 

Smaller projects rarely require planning permission, however, wholesale changes to your garden will need checking before you start. Regulations change from area to area and it is best to be safe than sorry. 

Get in touch with any questions

If you have any questions about mini digger hire, please do not hesitate to contact D Price and Sons today. 

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