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Transform Your Garden Just in Time For Spring

As spring rolls around, more of us will start to spend time sitting out in our gardens. So why not invest in some new garden furniture or decorations to enjoy!

Transform Your Garden Just in Time For Spring

Posted on - 25.01.21

With a new season just around the corner, why not celebrate with a new style? It’s been a frosty start to the year, and so we’re sure we can speak for most of us when we say that we’re looking forward to the longer days and warmer weather. With potential lockdowns still looming over the start of Spring, at least, many of us will be looking to make the most of the sun in our gardens. 

However, is your garden prepared for the occasion? Is there seating? Are you happy with how it looks? If not, D Price and Sons range of decorative gravel have all of the solutions for you. In our latest blog, we’ll be exploring how our range can help you to capitalise and usher in the Spring with open arms. 

Transform Your Garden with Comfortable Seating Areas

You may have the most wonderful garden in the world, but without a comfortable seating area, there may be nowhere to enjoy it. That’s where one of our stunningly practical garden furniture sets come in. Imagine logging off after the end of your shift and walking out into the swift Spring breeze, knowing that you can be comfortably seated and unwind with a book or by watching the wildlife. Maybe you could even go one step better and wake up in the morning, head straight outside and spend the day working remotely from your very own table set. 

With garden furniture available in a wide array of designs, shapes and sizes, you’re guaranteed to find the right set for you. With us all holding out the hope of entertaining guests during the Summer months too, our 8 Seater Deluxe set could be an amazing investment opportunity. 

With our range of garden furniture, you’ll transform your garden and remote working experience in no time. From deluxe sets perfect for welcoming guests to patio seats for catching some early 2021 rays, let us help you make the most of Spring this year. 

Furniture For All The Family

As we’ve briefly just touched on, our garden furniture is there for more than just the Spring. Should you want to prepare for that amazing day where lockdown restrictions are finally lifted, our eight-seater tables will be perfect for all of the family. 

Available with patching seat cushions and parasols, we’ll ensure that no matter what the size of your family, there is a comfortable, shaded seat for everyone.

Make Your Patio Pop

It’s all well and good having a lovely set of garden furniture, but you have to feel proud of your garden to be able to enjoy it. This time of year brings with it, the all-important Spring cleaning. However, this shouldn’t just stop at the back door. Have a little tidy up as and when you can in the garden so that it’s not too late by the time you want to sit out and use it. 

If you would really like to make it stand out and add a wow factor, look no further. Our great selection of decorative aggregates can change up space and make it stand out from the rest. Available in a wide variety of colours and material, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste. Our personal favourite is our plum slate, which goes perfectly with our stunning Scandinavian redwood furniture. However, whether you would just like to add an outline of bark for an authentic feel or you would like to make it pop with more colourful gravel, it’s important to act now. Cost-effective and easy to apply, you’ll be gagging to get out there come the 20th March. 

Order Online Today

If you’re ready to start browsing our range of aggregates or garden furniture, you can do so today. Alternatively, if you’re ready to make a purchase, all of our products are available to be bought online, with next day delivery and free delivery options. 

If you have any questions regarding our products, services or the collection of garden furniture, get in touch. Our experienced and friendly team will be happy to assist you. 

Our range of garden furniture at D Price & Sons, is made using the finest quality materials, sustainably sourced and manufactured right here in the UK. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that by purchasing garden furniture from ourselves, the product comes with a very low carbon footprint. For more information on our products and more articles like these, you can check out our blog. 

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