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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Renting a Skip for Your Renovation

Learn how to avoid these common mistakes when renting a skip for your home or business renovation

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Renting a Skip for Your Renovation

Posted on - 09.05.24

Renovating a home is an exciting project. However, it also involves a pile of debris and building waste that needs to be managed and disposed of properly. This is where skip hire comes into play. It is cost-effective, convenient and ideal for renovation projects. Whether you are renovating your first home or making improvements to your existing home, a skip is a must for effective waste management.

If you are thinking of renting a skip for your home renovation, make sure you avoid the common mistakes homeowners make. In this article, we discuss those common mistakes and how you can avoid them.

  1. Failing To Secure a Skip Permit

If you are placing a skip on a public road or pavement, you must apply for a skip permit from your local council. Failure to secure a skip permit can result in the removal of the skip and a costly fine. Before you hire a skip, make sure to check if you require one and give extra time to apply and secure it before renovation work begins. When you hire a skip from D Price & Sons, we take care of the entire process of organising a skip permit for you, so you can focus more on your renovations. 

  1. Picking The Wrong Size Skip

Homeowners often make the common mistake of hiring the wrong size skip. While it is difficult to calculate exactly how much waste and debris will be produced, homeowners can estimate the amount and consider going with a bigger skip. If you hire a skip that is too small, you will end up paying extra to hire another skip. If you are unsure of what skip size to choose from, please contact one of our team members. 

  1. Overfilling The Skip

Another common mistake homeowners make is overloading or overfilling the skip. It can be tempting to pack as much waste into the skip as possible to get your money’s worth. However, this is an unsafe practice and may result in additional fines or your skip company refusing to collect it. With that in mind, it’s highly recommended to follow your skip company’s guidelines and fill the skip to the maximum capacity. 

  1. Putting Hazardous Waste in The Skip

A skip is suitable for a wide range of renovation waste and debris such as wood, rubble, soil, bricks, metal, plasterboard, carpet and more. However, hazardous waste like batteries, paints, chemicals, electrical appliances and light bulbs can not be placed into a skip. To avoid this mistake, find out exactly what you can and can not dispose of in the skip from your skip company. For some materials such as scrap metal, UPVC and asbestos, a separate skip or specialised service may be required. 

Contact D Price & Sons About Skip Hire

It is also worth hiring a skip from a reputable company like D Price & Sons. Before you choose a skip company, read online reviews to ensure they are genuine and reliable. Once you avoid these common mistakes, you can proceed with your renovations with a smooth skip-hire experience and experience fewer delays. 

If you are looking for skip hire in Staffordshire or South Cheshire, D Price & Sons offers affordable prices, excellent customer service as well as speedy drop-off and collection from your location. We have a range of different skip types in various sizes to choose from - mini, midi, drop door and RoRo skips for all domestic or commercial renovations. To book a skip, call us directly on 01782 551 222 or fill out our online enquiry form and we will be in touch with you.

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