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Commercial Sandblasting in Staffordshire

Sandblasting uses high-pressure air and sand as an abrasive to scour away any debris on a surface, this includes the removal of graffiti.

Commercial Sandblasting in Staffordshire

Posted on - 02.02.22

While the roots of sandblasting date back over 150 years ago, the methods that we use here at D Price and Sons include the latest innovations to make the most of sand abrasion. 

This technology helps to make easy work of clearing away dirt ad debris, amongst a range of other unwanted surface coverings. 

Sandblasting Graffiti

One of the most common commercial uses of sandblasting is to remove graffiti. Unfortunately, for many decades graffiti has plagued local councils, building owners, businesses and even private properties. 

Many of the paints that are now being used are often resistant to your typical cleaning solutions, which leads to walls and surfaces being painted over instead. However, when the graffiti is on bare brick, this can lose the image of the building, hence wanting to source a way to remove the graffiti without paint!

Sandblasting uses high-pressure air and sand as an abrasive to scour away any debris on a surface, this includes the removal of graffiti. 

Pavement Cleaning

We often find ourselves walking around the local area, or other areas while we are away, and noticing that pavements are coated in a layer of grime, dirt, moss and an assortment of other unwanted coatings. And when it rains, these surfaces often become slippery and unpleasant to walk on. So how can we help?

Sandblasting helps to remove this layer of grime from the surface of a pavement. By sand blasting the pavement, the abrasive nature of the sand will remove any unwanted residue, leaving the patio as fresh as it would have been when it was laid. 

For local councils, this is a great and cost-effective way to clean up parks and give them a new lease of life, with very minimal effort required. 

Sandblasting Staffordshire can also be used to clear regular pavements. This means that if your local council deems it necessary, we can be called in to clean up your streets, offering a significantly improved pavement surface. 

Another great place for blast cleaning in Stoke-on-Trent is bus stops. Not only does this allow them to stand out from the pavement around them, but also allows the ground to be a safer place to stand and wait, without potentially slippery moss and grime that can collect on the surface. 

If you've noticed that your area is missing a little something after we have been and sandblasted, as usually, customers aren't used to how clean the space can look, you might be interested in Stoke Sand and Gravel. Using the sand to backfill gaps in your pavements, and gravel to make a nice feature, we're sure you'll be happy with the result! 

For more information on sandblasting in Staffordshire, please get in touch with our team of experts today who will be happy to assist you.

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