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Building Sand | 0.85 Cubic Metre Bulk Bag
SKU: Building Sand

Building Sand | 0.85 Cubic Metre Bulk Bag

SKU: Building Sand
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Building Sand is one of the more versatile types of aggregate you can find on the market. As such, this building material has seen a significant increase in popularity. Our building sand is notable for its fine, smooth and lighter grey grains especially when compared to other types of builder's sand.  

Traditional building sand is used in many different building sectors, this includes housing developments and building sites. Due to its finer grains, it is ideal for plastering inside and outside walls as well. It is also used in pointing applications, bricklaying and mortar, and other general building work projects.

Uses for Sand in Building and Construction

Concrete: sand is one of the key components in concrete, which is a mixture of cement, water, and aggregates.

Mortar: sand is also one of the key components of mortar. Mortar is a mixture of cement, water, and sand which is used to bond masonry units together. 

Masonry and Plaster: sand is sometimes used in plaster and masonry. Sand helps to provide a smooth, even surface and provides additional strength to the plaster structure and sand’s premier use in masonry is to provide stability and support for masonry units. 

Advantages of Using Builder’s Sand 

Using sand in your construction offers many distinct advantages. Some of them include: 

Strength and Versatility- in the construction industry, sand is well known for its incredible strength and unbeatable longevity, this is because sand can help to increase the strength of concrete and mortar mixtures by filling the voids between the larger aggregate particles. 

Adaptability and Easy Use- sand has many different uses across the construction and building industry. Furthermore, it is easy to work with and can be shaped to fulfil various purposes. 

Cost effective- because sand is so readily available and comparatively inexpensive when compared to other similar materials, it is widely acknowledged as one of the most cost effective materials in construction and building projects. 

Ease of transportation- while not often considered, the transportation of building materials can be a contributing factor in which material you decide to choose. Due to its lightweight nature, sand is incredibly easy to transport and manoeuvre. 

Fire resistance- safety should always be a consideration in construction and one of the most important aspects of safety is fire resistance. Sand can help to enhance the fire resistance of certain construction materials, contributing to the overall safety of the building.

Quality and reliability- it should go without saying that products bought from D Price and Sons are of high-quality and are more than reliable, this is no different when it comes to our building sand. Our builder’s sand won’t let you down.

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Our building sand is suitable for builders of all experience levels, from seasoned building professionals to DIY homeowners. So why not try our building sand for yourself? We offer free delivery in 0.85 cubic metre bulk bags, so you won’t be left disappointed. 

Contact us today for more information about our excellent builder’s sand as well as other products including building aggregates, decorative gravel, skip & grab hire and many more.

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